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    (925) 301-8562

    nord诺德 越墙如何下载

    Servicing Northern California since 1999,  we’ve got the experience and the expertise to tackle all kinds of dirt, spots and stains so no matter how impossible you think it is to restore your carpet/rug to its former glory, we can do just that.

    Our services are suitable for both residential and commercial premises, and no job is too big or too small for 580.

    So whether your floors are just showing signs of prolonged use, or you need specific stains such as red wine, pet urine, or coffee or tea stains removed, give us a call, and we’ll get your carpets looking as good as new.



    Hi, I’m Mike and I’m the owner of 580 CC. I live with my family in Livermore and I’m proud to serve other home and business owners in the entire Tri-Valley area.

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    Unlike other carpet cleaners in the area, I do all of the work myself so you don’t have to worry about a different person showing up at your house each time you book an appointment with 580.

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    nord诺德 越墙如何下载

    nord诺德 越墙如何下载

    Offering in-home free estimates for all carpet, rug, and oriental rugs, we provide a full range of services in the Tri-Valley area.

    nord诺德 越墙如何下载

    We use pet-safe products and can cater for all kinds of tile and grout projects in Livermore, Pleasanton, Dublin, San Ramon and beyond.

    nord诺德 越墙如何下载

    We offer a wide selection of upholstery packages to suit your requirements. We also use the safest methods possible to ensure a job well done.


    If you’re looking for a Northern-Californian based company, we’ve got you covered. Our clients include those in the corporate, retail, educational and medical sectors.


    From daily janitorial services to post-construction clean-ups, we employ the latest technologies using the finest equipment and we ensure a quality of service that you won’t find anywhere else.


    Make a great first impression on your clients and ensure that your employees have a safe and clean work environment.

    Our Products Are Child & Pet Safe


    1-2 Hour Drying Time


    We Use Biodegradable Cleaning Products

    nord诺德 越墙如何下载

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    Take a look at your flooring now. Are they looking a little worse for wear? Are there a few grubby spots and dirty looking stains?

    Even though you may vacuum your floors regularly, general wear and tear takes its toll. No matter how careful you are about systematic cleaning, there’ll be deep ingrained dirt, some obvious and not-so-obvious stains, a few spots and perhaps even a little mildew here and there.

    At the very least, there’s going to be flattened pile and fibers after years of having been walked on.

    Whether you’re a home or business owner, chances are you can benefit from the services provided by a locally owned and operated cleaning company in Northern California.

    For that, we’ve got you covered!

    Why should you get your carpets cleaned regularly?

    Even if your floors seem to be clean and fresh, there will be all kinds of dirt, dead skin cells and bacteria trapped within the pile and the fibers beneath the surface.

    Visible and invisible stains can be made up of all of the above, together with mold and mildew, and occasionally there may also be a cocktail of dust mites and even ticks or fleas living within the stain too.

    Pet owners will also know firsthand how hair and dander from cats and dogs can work its way into all kinds of fabrics, causing all kinds of problems for people with allergies.

    dog lying on clean white carpet

    The best and most efficient way to remove stains, dust mites, ticks, molds and fungi

    Ticks can also be a problem, especially if you have a dog or cat. These can fall off your pet and end up deep within the pile of your carpet.

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    And if all this wasn’t enough, if your stained carpet is in a humid environment such as a bathroom or kitchen, fungi, and mold which thrive in a moist environment, can take hold.

    Once this happens, even regular vacuuming won’t stop the colony from growing and releasing harmful mycotoxins. So with all this in mind, isn’t it time you entrusted your carpet cleaning to 580 CC?

    We guarantee a fast dry service where your floor(s) will be dry in just 1-2 hours instead of days.

    We’re the Company You Can Rely On

    When it comes to keeping your home looking spick and span, it pays to pay attention to your floors.

    Grubby, stained floors can take the shine off the most carefully polished furniture or the most beautifully arranged art.

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    Faded colors will be restored to their former glory; the pile will once again stand to attention, and they’ll just feel and look much more clean and welcoming.

    What’s more, they’ll be much more hygienic too and you can relax knowing that they’re not releasing any unwanted toxins into your home environment.


    No matter how much we love our pets, we certainly don’t love it when they have little accidents in our homes.

    Whether you are house training your puppy or you’ve got a cat that insists on spraying your upholstery, animal smells can taint even the cleanest and well-cared for homes.

    What’s more, pet urine can leave nasty stains, which become more and more difficult to remove as time goes by.

    If you’ve ever tried shop-bought remedies in an attempt to eradicate pet stains and odors, you’ll know many of these are not that effective at all.

    However, our pet stain removal process uses a special Pet Urine Neutralizer formulation that can break down the ammonia and other compounds that make up urine to get right to the heart of the stain.

    This process is excellent for removing odors and marks to leave your upholstery and carpets clean and fresh once more.

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    I was looking for a carpet cleaning company and after hiring another guy that didn’t show up at my house, I found 580 CC online and I’m so glad I did.

    These guys were great to communicate with, they arrived when they said they would and, most importantly, they did an awesome job.

    My floors were dry in no time and they used pet safe products, which was important as we have a dog who likes to sleep on our expensive rug! I’ve since scheduled in a monthly service with these guys and we get great peace of mind knowing that a great job will be done every time.

    John Bennett

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    California Prominade

    Windmill Springs

    South Downtown Area

    Parklane Estates

    Three Fountains


    Whispering Pines

    Autumn Valley  Ridgecrest

    Arroyo Crossings



    Murrieta Meadows



    Felicia Ave/Jessica Dr



    City Centre



    Leland Heights


    Carlton Square

    Granada Park

    Sunset West

    Tempo  Meadows

    Private Reserve



    The Corners

    Los Olivos

    Prima    Portofino


    Vintage Collection


    Kristopher Ranch



    The Oaks

    California Mountain View

    The Cottages

    Scenic Links



    Stratford ParkPortola Glen

    Amber Ridge





    Estate Collection



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